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This is the official Medium of the DigiByte Awareness Team. We’re a marketing team for DigiByte Blockchain. 📧 💸

Through’s DigiByte Price Page, you can now directly access DigiByte’s news feed. This feature will enable users to obtain the latest news and updates from DigiByte “DGB”, a decentralized and rapidly growing blockchain. users can stay on top of DigiByte’s latest updates on its products and services in addition to accessing the latest DGB price, volume, and market capitalization data.

This announcement follows the listing of DGB tokens on App in May 2021. As a major player in the cryptocurrency industry,’s …

There are many options for cryptocurrency wallets and it can be hard to decipher which one might best suit your needs; so before you start looking at the options, we will delve into what things you should look for in a wallet so you do not run into problems down the road.

In order of importance, here are nine things you should consider when choosing a wallet:

1) Non-Custodial:

A custodial wallet is like a traditional bank where the wallet maker holds onto your coins. This is a very dangerous type of wallet because the wallet maker could lose or steal your…

DigiByte Awareness Team | DGBAT

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